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Rody Luton

Vanaf 15 oktober 2023 is in de praktijk het werk van Rody Luton te zien.

De opening vindt plaats op 15 oktober 16:00 – 18:00 uur.

De expositie is op werkdagen te bezichtigen tijdens de openingsuren van de praktijk, 09:00 tot 15:00 uur en volgens afspraak.

De expositie loopt tot eind december 2023.

During the Covid lockdown Rody Luton created a series of paintings entitled “Vanishing.” The panoramic landscapes evoke the disappearance of nature: the depletion of our seas, forests, lands, the pollution of our rivers, lakes and soils, the loss of species. They confront us with the extinction of entire landscapes, droughtsand floods, the consequences of our man-made climate crisis. Alongside these reflections on existence and our changing planet, she presents old and new works — paintings and photoworks —celebrating the beauty and inspiration of nature.

Together they act as an awakening. A plea to repair our broken relationships with nature.

A call for respect and caring for the earth.